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Oldhams town hall

This picture was taken around the late 1880's, The Horse Drawn Buses had by this time become a regular sight. The horses were often seen struggling up and down Oldhams steep streets. On the right of the picture Oldhams Town Hall can be seen Oldham was one of the few places that actually had a Town Hall eight years before it became a Town. The battle for Incorporation was a strong one, the Town received its Charter of Incorporation in 1849. Even though the Chartest supporters won, they were defeated by the Anti-Incorporators in the first municipal elections.
Also on the right of the picture you can see the statue of John Platt .... looking down High Street towards Mumps. John Platt was at different times the Mayor, Member of Parliament, Benefactor and Owner of Platt Brothers ,a leading Engineering firm in the Town. This statue can now be seen today in Alexandra Park.
The Town Hall today is scheduled for a partial demolition, because it's a class 2 protected building they have to leave the pillared frontage as it is.

Oldhams Town Hall

This photograph of Oldham Town Hall was taken on May 9th '99. The pub opposite is the Greaves Arms, in front of the pub are the "Iron Railings". Some of the Buildings seen here on Yorkshire Street are the originals that have been renovated.

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