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Oldham Church

This Photograph shows the top of Yorkshire Street from Waterloo Street in 1890. You can see in the distance on the skyline Oldham Parish Church. which dominates the highest point of the Town.
The first mention of a church on it's present site goes back to 1280 when a transfer of land, to include 'the chapel at Oldham',was witnessed by Oldhams first Vicar, William Scherewind. By the early 1800's, when Oldham was fast becoming a booming Industrial Town,some of it's leading Citizens decided that they deserved a much Grander Church than the "Tatty Old One" that they had.
Their plans for a new Church met with strong opposition, UNTIL... on July 3rd 1825 there was a panic at the Church when a stone from the Tower fell through the roof during a service, and one of the congregation noticed cracks in the walls with daylight showing through. The congregation stood their ground for a short time and then panicked and fled the Church. On July 29th 1827 the last sermon was given and the new, rebuilt St Marys opened in 1830.

Oldhams Waterloo Street area

This Photograph taken from the same location as the Old one above from the top of Waterloo Street.Oldham Church can also still be seen in the skyline.

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